Learn how the Two-Number Method Can Help You Master Your Money.

See what others have to say about working with Leanne, and the power of discovering their Two Numbers

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to Profit Lab Essentials

    2. Your Money Mindset

    3. The American Money Mindset

    1. You vs Your Business: Meet the Wall

    2. Make-More-Money-Vortex

    1. The 2% You Gotta Know About: 1040 + Schedule C (Sole Props + LLCs)

    2. The 2% You Gotta Know About: Self-Employment Tax

About this Course

  • $37.00
  • 7 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content
  • Small Biz Money & Tax Essentials

I help business owners master money, slay tax time, and get confident with cash flow.


I hate fake reviews! I want you to meet real business owners sharing how I helped them conquer their most stressful and embarrassing problems with money.

“Leanne’s Two-Number Method transformed my business cash flow! It is now understandable, easy to plan, track, and make financial decisions for my business. ”

Jami Magdic
CEO, Side by Side Nutrition Clinics

“Working with Leanne and her Two-Number Method changed us from the inside out. Our business went through a complete financial transformation when we implemented her method to our cash flow. ”

Adair Photography

“Businesses who work with Leanne go from depending on lines of credit to bank accounts full of cash.”

Jane Larsen
Vice President, Washington Trust Bank

“I have tears in my eyes. You truly have changed my life, my stress, my clarity, just everything. I really feel like your Two-Number Method gave me my health back.”

Joel Barbour
Owner, Great PNW

“ The Two-Number Method was a life changer. I am so grateful I wasn’t stressed financially during the covid shutdown. My profit account is still growing!”

Jami Anderson
Owner, The Nutured Curl

“The Two-Number Method is so awesome! It makes everything so clear”

Rachel and Josh
Owner, Rachel and Josh Photography

“Stress down, profit AND stability up! I appreciate everything I learned from you! ”

Mikayla Hoffman

Eliminate financial anxiety, take control of your money, and get your life back.

The Two-Number Method will change:

  • How you VIEW business money

  • What you DO with money

  • How you PRICE products / services

  • The WAY you interact with finances

  • How you GROW your business

  • The way you PAY yourself

  • TAX Terror will evaporate